Why Gears Tactics is an important release for modern Xbox

“Microsoft’s support for Valve’s platform seems somewhat surprising when you consider its mission to increase the number of players using its own platform and services. Yet Steam is the unofficial home for PC gamers, and if is serious about wanting to win over PC players, then that’s where they are.”

Not sure “winning over” is the right way to describe phrase the relationship of MS and PC gamers. We have already seen the success Steam brings to Microsoft’s games. Microsoft just has to do what every game dev does to “win over” gamers: create great games. Steam gamers will buy them. It really is that simple.

But the fact is, at this point, Xbox games on PC clearly needs Steam far more than Steam needs Xbox games. Steam isn’t just an ecosystem on its own, but it is an entire economy with Steam keys as a commodity and a thriving number of marketplaces. That isn’t easily supplanted by anyone including Microsoft. Windows is the dominant OS for PCs, but Steam is the dominant service for PC gaming. Microsoft knows this. Having said all that, I do think Game Pass on PC and games like gives Xbox a significant presence that simply wasn’t there before so they are making strides and that is a good thing.


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