World of Warcraft Warlocks Getting Even More Demon Customizations Soon

World of is adding new customization options for two more types of Warlock demons–the Darkglare and the Demonic Tyrant. These new cosmetic options are coming to World of Warcraft in Patch 10.2.5, Seeds of Renewal.

During Patch 10.1.5, Fractures in Time, World of Warcraft overhauled the Warlock customization system. Rather than using glyphs like before, Warlock players can visit the Barber Shop and customize their demons, with dozens of new options being added for their four main demon types, plus Felguards summoned by the Demonology specialization, Infernals used by Destruction, and the Doomguards called by the Ritual of Doom ability respectively.

In Seeds of Renewal, World of Warcraft is adding even more customization options to the Warlock's repertoire. According to the images shared by Wowhead, Darkglares, summoned by Affliction , and Demonic Tyrants used by Demonology both get several new options. Darkglares get the most, with a total of 11 different possible customizations: five variations of the base model, five colors using the Observer model, and one using the Beholder model identical to the bosses in the Throne of Thunder and the Vault of the Wardens.

Demonic Tyrants have about half as many options, with a total of five different color schemes available. These palette swaps share the same model, and feature colors similar to the unlockable Eredar skin tones for Draenei in World of Warcraft.

Warlock fans are excited about these new options. While it was unlikely that Patch 10.1.5's options were going to be the last ones ever made, few expected more to come so soon. Players are especially happy to see the return of the Observer demons. Previously, players could transmog their Felhunter pets into Observers, but this was removed in WoW's Fractures in Time update to preserve the pet's silhouette. Now, though in a different form than before, the Observer has made its triumphant return–and with more options than ever before.

If Seeds of Renewal is any indication, Warlock players in World of Warcraft may not be the last of new demon customization options. Patch 10.2 added tons of new options for World of Warcraft Druid shapeshifting as well, also customized via the Barber Shop, so World of Warcraft seems to be doubling down on this new system. Considering new customization options are always a big deal for the World of Warcraft community, hopefully, Blizzard continues to add more Warlock demon options–and perhaps things like Shaman totems or Paladin steeds–using the Barber Shop system in the future.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight was developed by Blizzard Entertainment and is the ninth expansion pack for the iconic massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft.

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