Xbox’s Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 Might Even Seduce PlayStation Diehards

I will admit, i definately am tempted by it. I loved the first one despite it’s flaws, and yes i unfortunately have to agree it ( 2 likely not being on a Playstation platform) is a big FU to the fans of the first game, but it is what it is.

BUT i definately ain’t getting it on Xbox, maybe one day on PC but definately not on Xbox cuz (if we are going to use past generations and ESPECIALLY this gen as a reference), the quality game ecosystem is is almost at zero and it would be a better to invest those 400$-600$ i would spend on Xbox series X, into upgrading my PC rig. This is even before comparing it to Sony Playstation platform, where they both have then quantity and quality to offer.

Still again, while i have to call out NT on their past statements about AAA industry and publishers ,especially after the acqusition by Microsoft(tho that is probably my butthurt talking if anything else), i still wish them all the best.

They have great talent and even greater potential.


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