Airbus Planes Will Track How Often Passengers Go to the Bathroom

Bathroom Break

In the future, airplane bathrooms will never run out of toilet paper again.

At least, that's Airbus's excuse for a cursed-sounding new Internet of Things platform that collects a large amount of data about , according to Bloomberg including how often they go to the bathroom and how long they have to wait to pee.

Pee Tape

Airbus says it's testing its “Airspace Connected Experience” tech in its experimental A350-900 Flight Lab aircraft.

The data collected includes “premeals, booking of private bin space, setting of individual seat positions, as well as a tailor-made inflight [entertainment] offer,” according to a press release. Oh yeah, and the pee thing.

Digital Trolleys

The big-picture vision is a system that can the amount of free space available in overhead bins, make it easier for crew members to identify who ordered a vegan meal, and track obscure data points like how much soap and toilet paper are left in the crapper.

The platform will also give crew members access to the data through a mobile smart device meaning they could get ahead of maintaining bathrooms that were in use far more than others and know when somebody needs help while inside the bathroom, according to Bloomberg.

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