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We all know eBay is a great way to buy and sell stuff online, but what if you don’t want to deal with the packing and shipping? Here are some apps to know that can help you buy and sell stuff locally.

From 9 to 5, Chris Martinez works in television production. But, like a lot of people these days he has a side hustle. He buys and sells used furniture he finds around town.

His number one pick for the best place to sell your used stuff locally for some quick cash?

Facebook Marketplace. Marketplace is built into Facebook, just look for the little house icon to get started with your listing. It’s free to buy and sell. People reach you through Facebook Messenger so your listing is linked to your profile.

Chris’ next pick,  OfferUp.

If it doesn’t sell there, try LetGo.

These apps let you buy and sell for free, making money on upgrades and a few extra dollars will boost or feature your listing.

Your best bet to sell fast: take good pictures! Make sure your items are all by themselves so people can get a good look at them. Also, take pictures from various angles so prospective buyers can see details such and wear and tear or scratches so they’re not surprised when they come to pick up.

Also, use good keywords to describe your item, think in terms of how people might search for what you’re selling.

And if things are slow, re-list your item daily so your post is at the top of feeds.

Keep in mind, these days there is really no need to include your phone number on your post since you can message with buyers right through these apps.

But if you want to use a number, try a service like Burner, which provides you a temporary number people can call or text for a low fee.

Finally, the best day to sell: Sunday. Martinez says it’s a day of “leisure” so you’ll get the most leads.

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