Attempted Carjacking In South Africa Ends With Victim Fighting Back | Feature

Owning a relatively pricey car in certain parts of the world can be quite dangerous, as some thieves will go through extreme lengths to relieve you of your possession.

It’s why countries such as have an Anti-Carjacking Unit, and looking at the numbers, it’s an easy thing to understand. Over a roughly one year period between 2016 and 2017, there were no fewer than 16,717 reported carjacking incidents in South Africa, the highest number recorded in the past 22 years.

Based on the timestamp, this incident took place last week, and it involved a white Jeep Grand Cherokee. As the Jeep pulls into the driveway, the owner leaves the gate open behind them, giving the hijackers plenty of time to cover the exit with their own vehicle.

Then, the thieves proceed to threaten the driver of the Jeep at gunpoint, while also making sure to try all the door handles, just in case there was an easy way in – thankfully, they were unable to break into the car.

In an attempt to get away, the driver decided to violently back up into the perps’ vehicle, pushing it out into the street. However, that’s when things really took an unexpected turn as the hunted then became the hunter, as the old saying goes.

Unfortunately the footage cuts off soon after, leaving us wondering what happened to the driver of the Grand Cherokee. We can only hope that they were unharmed and that the authorities were contacted as soon as possible.


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