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We’re pleased to announce that we’re bringing the talent and tools of Assemble Systems into the Autodesk construction Family!

Assemble Systems is a web-based solution for general contractors that provides real-time access to critical project data–from 3D models and point clouds to cost and schedule–throughout the project lifecycle. The solution enables construction professionals to condition, query and connect BIM data to key workflows across bid management, estimating, scheduling, site management and finance and we’re excited to add these capabilities to the Autodesk construction portfolio. Assemble Systems’ products are used by 174 unique customers, in nearly 1,000 sites and offices working on 12,700 projects, including one-fourth of the ENR 400 customer list.

Since Assemble has had a long history of integrating with many of the Autodesk core authoring tools such as Revit, it becomes a natural next step to carry the critical BIM and project data through to the construction site. Assemble joining Autodesk demonstrates our continued focus on supporting the digitization of the construction industry, and helping your project teams access and leverage actionable data to make real-time decisions and realize more predictable outcomes.

autodesk-acquires-assemble-systems-body-1A screenshot of Assemble Systems software in action


The Next Steps

Assemble Systems’ products will continue to be sold through its existing sales channels for the next few months, and Autodesk will honor the company’s existing partnerships so as not to disrupt our customers’ work. The ultimate goal is to integrate the Assemble solution with our Autodesk BIM 360 project management platform over time, sharing these benefits globally and continuing our commitment to provide the best possible experience for construction customers.

Everyone on the Autodesk team is excited to welcome Assemble.

“I welcome the Assemble Systems team to the Autodesk family as part of our efforts to digitize and improve the construction industry. We are connecting project data from design through construction, creating the cloud-enabled tools necessary to make the critical preconstruction phase of a project more predictable and profitable.”

Andrew Anagnost, president and CEO, Autodesk. 


Continuing our Commitment to Innovation

Automation in preconstruction lays the groundwork for the entire construction project to be more streamlined by using the building information model (BIM) to enable better visibility, productivity and collaboration. BIM 360 is quickly becoming the industry leader for project visualization, design and construction, helping project teams to collaborate on coordinated, shared designs – regardless of location, role, or stage of the project.

“Autodesk is an AEC technology leader and was the majority investor in our Series A funding last year. We partnered closely with Autodesk to make the greatest impact on the construction industry. We’re excited about joining Autodesk and continuing to make BIM data more useful across construction project workflows.”

Don Henrich, CEO, Assemble Systems

The preconstruction phase is where a substantial amount of data is created and arguably one of the most critical stages to a successful project overall. Welcoming Assemble Systems to Autodesk is another exciting moment in our collective efforts to support the needs of the construction industry. Together we are better connecting critical data created in preconstruction to those who need it, when they need it, across the project lifecycle.



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Autodesk acquires Assemble Systems

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