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Cannistraro, a Boston-based mechanical construction firm, has its roots in the entrepreneurial vision of John Cannistraro, who began with a family-owned plumbing shop in Watertown, Massachusetts. The firm has grown to be widely recognized as a leader in modular construction technology and has a reputation for providing excellence in service and quality. The firm also expanded its services to include fire-protection, HVAC, and sheet metal solutions, and offers turnkey service and maintenance to clients throughout New England.


A Reputation for Innovation

Cannistraro has built their reputation for innovation by embracing both emergent technology and the vision and drive of its workforce, evolving with the times to meet the expanding needs of its clients as well as the community. Cannistraro continues to grow through innovation, working closely with designers and builders to bring new ideas to their projects, and leading the industry in prefab and modular construction technology.


cannistraro-modular-construction-technology-body-7Construction management software is paving the way for the future of construction


Construction management software is helping to pave the way. The introduction of digital tools like BIM 360 and Navisworks, streamlines multi-discipline collaboration across the supply chain, from designers, to fabricators, to contractors and owners. This creates savings in materials and time, and improves jobsite safety, all of which adds value to the bottom line of every project. 


Leading the Way in Modular Construction Technology

By prefabricating mechanical systems in house, Cannistraro has managed to achieve significant savings for its clients. On a recent project, Cannistraro’s team leaders saw an opportunity to showcase the value of prefab by creating a modular mechanical assembly. This prefabricated equipment skid was built in Cannistraro’s shop, then delivered to the building site and installed as a single unit, rather than the traditional method of craning in all the components and tying them together onsite. The development of the prefab skid reduced waste and onsite installation time while increasing jobsite safety, as well as reducing the footprint of the mechanical systems, but created the challenge of making the building fit the skid.

cannistraro-modular-construction-technology-body-2-1Cannistraro demonstrates the power of modular construction technology by prefabricating an equipment skid in-house


To answer this challenge, Tyler Alston, a Project Manager for Cannistraro, worked closely with the top project stakeholders, presenting and developing the prefab skid as a custom module for the building. Alston was able to demonstrate the cost savings to the stakeholders, then work with them to make the changes in the design of the building so the skid could be installed as a unit. During this preconstruction process, Navisworks software was instrumental in allowing the team to visualize the scope and logistics of the project as well as the new requirements to implement it.


cannistraro-modular-construction-technology-body-3-1Once complete, the prefab skid is transported to the construction site


Once approval for the prefab skid was given, it was handed over to Kelly McNeill who is Cannistraro’s in-house Plumbing Fabrication Manager. McNeill oversaw the development and assembly of the unit in Cannistraro’s fabrication shop while working with the project stakeholders to ensure that design was happening with fabrication in mind. Again, cutting edge digital tools played a vital role. The fab shop used Navisworks to run detailed clash detections, a crucial precon step, before using BIM 360 for 3D model coordination to streamline constructability reviews and onsite installation.


Watch this Modular Construction Technology Success Story in Action! 


3 Major Takeaways from This Story:


1. Building a modular skid in a climate controlled shop increases the safety and comfort of the tradesmen.

2. 3D model coordination software makes it easier to collaborate on constructability reviews and avoid problems.

3. The prefabricated skid method requires far less onsite installation time.


cannistraro-modular-construction-technology-body-4-1Prefabrication creates savings in material and time, and improves job safety


Prefab Skid Savings — The Bottom Line

  • 5 less deliveries
  • 2 weeks shaved off the schedule
  • 18 less material handling hours
  • 110 less field hours
  • 13% cost savings on materials


cannistraro-modular-construction-technology-body-6-1The crew completes delivery, reducing waste and onsite installation time


The Cannistraro prefabricated equipment skid process will bring continued savings to clients, reducing waste and improving safety while paving the way for future innovations.



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