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Accepts Rachel’s Challenge

Rachel’s Challenge expresses the importance of what a little act of kindness can do. Rachel’s Challenge became a club because of the tragedy of Rachel’s death in 1999 during the Columbine High School massacre. Members of Rachel’s challenge visit school’s in the U.S. and present Rachel’s story and how she wanted to start a “chain reaction” of kindness.
Along with all of OCM BOCES, Innovation Tech had the opportunity to participate in her presentation and listen to the overall aims of Rachel’s challenge. Their hope is to spread the message of starting a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. Students of Innovation Tech showed their vulnerability as they listened to the steps of Rachel’s challenge.
The steps are: tell us to look for the best in others, dream big, choose positive influences, speak with kindness and start your own chain reaction! Hearing a story of this magnitude has impacted thousands of lives which in return impacts you personally in a profound way. A highlight during the presentation was seeing how compassionate Rachel’s Challenge speaker’s are, you can absolutely see the impact of Rachel’s story reflected through our speaker; Yolanda.

Some Innovation Tech students had a further opportunity to go to a Rachel’s Challenge workshop to begin a FOR Club at Innovation Tech. The workshop included ways to get your school community more on board with accepting Rachel’s Challenge and starting a chain reaction of our own. We learned about impactful ideas to spread kindness throughout our community like an instagram page full of students pictures and a positive caption about them. There is also Rachel’s Closet where you can donate clothes and food for others who might not have it, also everyday you can easily spread a random act of kindness. Classmates here at Innovation Tech are ready and prepared to start the FOR Club and we hope to start a chain reaction of kindness ourselves!
The first act of kindness was the FOR Club giving out popcorn with some of Rachel’s quotes on the baggies to every student as they left the building. We have begun our own Rachel’s Closet which is spreading random act of kindness already. If you would like to donate gently used clothes for our student please email

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