Instagram adds fire, paparazzi flashes and more to Superzoom camera filter Tech| Innovation

Time to whip out that phone and start flooding your social media timeline with Instagram’s latest features.

The social media platform has added six new modes – Paparazzi, Fire, Hearts, Nope, Bummer, and Surprise – to its popular camera effect.

The Superzoom was first introduced in Oct 2017 and basically users get a chance to record a short clip that zooms in on a subject and it becomes dramatic with added sound effects.

Now you can do more with effects like Paparazzi, which adds camera to your video and gives you a taste of what it must be like to be Kylie Jenner when she’s photographed leaving a restaurant.

Another feature is Fire, which adds burning flames into the video, perfect for illustrating red-hot situations or flaming #haters.

Feeling romantic? Then add the cheesy Hearts effect to show some lovin’ to anyone or anything. I suggest that the be used for only pizza and pisang goreng.

Don’t like pizza and pisang goreng? Fine. Use the Nope to explain how you feel with a big red X camera effect.

There is also an effect called Bummer which gives you a melodramatic black and white camera filter complete with falling leaves.

Finally there is Surprise, a comic book-like effect for heroic moments or to celebrate the little things in life like a new camera feature by Instagram.

The new modes may not be available for everyone yet, which is not uncommon for Instagram. Keep an eye out for the new update to the Instagram app to get in on the fun.

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