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A YOUNG woman who live-streamed her on only to be dumped at the altar by her runaway groom has been swamped with global messages of support after the video went viral.

Manow Jutathip Nimnual, 24, was scheduled to marry Phakin Junjerm, 20, in the Thai city of Ratchaburi on July 22.

But when he failed to materialise, Ms Nimnual was left with no option but to face her guests and announce that her husband-to-be had “run away”.

The devastating moment was broadcast live via the bride's Facebook page on Sunday and has since been shared by more than 30,000 people, clocking up a staggering five million views and 90,000 likes.

Hundreds left messages of support and encouragement, complimenting the young woman on her looks and urging her not to give up on love.

“Keep fighting, sister, be strong, you are beautiful,” one woman posted.

Another said: “Everyone is rooting for you, Manow. You are so beautiful. You are very strong. You are more than a man. More manly than the groom. You dare to face the truth. Solve this problem alone. You are so cool.”

In the five minute clip, Ms Nimnual picks up a microphone and calmly addresses her guests in Thai from the bridal stage.

In her speech, she thanks relatives and friends of both families for attending the ceremony before announcing that the groom has “run away”, according to The Bangkok Post, which sent a reporter to the event.

She then apologises to any guests who felt she had not taken “good enough care of them”, the Post said.

The bride's cousin Kanyalak Puangmala, 25, later told the paper that Ms Nimnual fell in love with Mr Junjerm after having known him only a short time and the couple quickly became engaged.

Ms Puangmala said the bride's parents had demanded 200,000 baht ($A8,100) in cash and gold ornaments as a dowry and Mr Junjerm and his family had agreed.

She said trouble started brewing when, just one week before their wedding day, Ms Nimnual was informed that her husband-to-be had a secret lover.

The bride-to-be confronted him, Ms Puangmala told the newspaper, but he downplayed the affair and insisted he still wanted to marry her.

Then, on Friday, Mr Junjerm sent his fiancee a text message saying the wedding would have to be cancelled because he could not afford the dowry.

Members of the bride's extended family tried to help by offering to loan him the 140,000 baht shortfall.

Mr Junjerm accepted, only to inexplicably vanish the following day. Both families spent the whole of Saturday searching for him before he finally resurfaced at 11pm.

The bride received a call from her fiance's family shortly after, reassuring her the wedding would go ahead as scheduled on Sunday.

In another bizarre twist, when Mr Junjerm ditched Ms Nimnual at the altar, her family “begged his young uncle, who looks similar to him, to wear the groom's suit and pretend to be the groom to save face for the scorned woman”, according to the Post.

“The uncle demanded 1 million baht ($A40,500) for acting the role so the plan was aborted,” the report said.

The uncle later wrote in a Facebook post that he had indeed asked for a million baht but claimed he only did so because he thought the stand-in groom idea was ridiculous.

Ms Nimnual has filed a police complaint against her former fiance and is reportedly seeking compensation for 170 Chinese-style banquet tables, 1000 wedding invitations and billboards that were paid for.

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