Killer driver’s prison sex scandal | Viral

PANIC mode has set in for Aussie chiefs after yet another alleged affair between a young female guard and a inmate has been revealed.

Correctional officer Demmi Zeschke is alleged to have swapped shifts with colleagues to work at night so she could sneak to the gym at Long Bay Correctional Centre and have sex with drink-drive double killer Jarad Smith.

However, the couple's sneaky tactics came to an abrupt end when other guards allegedly caught them in the act — forcing Ms Zeschke to resign.

The 23-year-old inmate was locked up in 2015 to four years' jail for killing two people, Cathy Pracy and her partner Gary Kelly, while drunk and high behind the wheel.

After downing vodka and taking cocaine, he jumped in a ute the morning after a wild Christmas party for his work, mounted the kerb and killed the innocent couple in 2014.

Ms Pracy's sister Louise Miller said news of the affair added insult to injury, as the family felt let down when Smith was jailed for just four years.

“He probably has got it easier than we have,” Ms Miller told 9 News.

“Incarceration is supposed to take away all those privileges but some of the prisoners are still getting that privilege,” Mr Pracy's brother-in-law Duncan Miller added.

The revelation comes just days after 2GB revealed prison officer Amy Connors allegedly snuck into the cell of Sione Penisini — who is serving 36 years for murdering Senior Constable Glenn McEnallay in 2002 — while working the night shift at the Mid North Coast Correctional Centre.

Mr McEnallay was chasing a stolen car in Hillsdale in Sydney's east in March 2002, when the car crashed. He was shot three times three times in the head and chest by Penisini and died a week later in hospital after his life support was switched off.

Corrective Services NSW on Monday also confirmed an inmate — believed to be Penisini — had been placed in segregation after he punched another prisoner on July 10.

Corrective Services NSW confirmed it was investigating allegations of an “inappropriate relationship” between a prisoner and a guard.

However, the government body is powerless to charge either Penisini or Ms Connors with any criminal offence, however news of the affair has angered Mr McEnallay's family

“I just couldn't believe that something like this could happen within a prison system,” Judy McEnallay-Mulheron told Channel 7.

“It can't just be the two people within the prison that knew it — there has to be other people who have known about this who covered the whole situation up.

“This makes you angry more than anything. The system has let everybody down.”

In 2015, another female guard at the same jail was sacked over an affair with one-punch killer Kieran Loveridge.

The stunning revelations have prompted fears that NSW prisons have become “hotbeds” of sex between female officers and both male and female inmates.

The state's political opposition has turned the screw on the Liberal NSW government after revelations of the affairs, with Labor's state leader Luke Foley asking: “How the hell did this happen?”

Labor's corrections spokesman Guy Zangari added that “heads should roll” over the “major security breach”.

Corrective Service Commissioner Peter Severin said his is “shocked and appalled” by the allegations — but added that the couples have not broken any laws.

He said the most severe current punishment for an officer is dismissal but it wasn't a big enough deterrent.

“If I had my way I would make it an offence punishable by imprisonment,” he told The Daily Telegraph — and he even suggested medically reducing the sex drive of inmates.

“I want to do anything that will stop inappropriate behaviour from happening. If there are medically based options would I say no? No I wouldn't, no I wouldn't because I want to stop this behaviour from happening.”

It is understood Mr Elliott's office­ is looking into ways to make sex between prisoners and staff a criminal offence

Penisini has now been transferred to Goulburn Supermax while the incidents are being investigated.

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