Koenigsegg Would Like To Compete In New Le Mans Hypercar Class | Feature

Christian von Koenigsegg has admitted that he is very interested in the new hypercar class that will replace LMP1 in the World Endurance Championship.

During an interview with Top Gear, von Koenigsegg said that he would love for his company to in the series.

“This is great. We’re so excited by it. What I’ve understood is the final regulations are not finished yet, but we’re looking at them very closely. We would love to go and race there. Finally, there is a chance.”

Koenigsegg built the CCGT in 2007 with the intention of racing it at the 24 Hours of Le . Based on the CCR, it weighed less than 1000 kg and was designed for the GT1 class. However, before the CCGT could ever , the FIA banned carbon fiber monocoques and raised the minimum production run of entries from 20 to 350 per year.

“To bog an Agera down to the GT3 category would be stupid and with the Balance of Performance, you’d get beaten by a 911. But this new class is fantastic. If it really comes to fruition in a good way, it will be amazing.”

While the company is intrigued by the new class, it’s not yet sure which of its vehicles it would field at endurance racing.

“I guess it depends on the regulations. I heard that it might have to be a hybrid, and the successor to the Agera is not a hybrid. But of course, we could add some hybrid stuff to it if we have to for the regulations. Maybe the Regera’s a better candidate. We’ll see.”

Other automakers interested in the WEC’s hypercar class include Aston Martin, Toyota, Ford, Ferrari and McLaren.

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