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DURING her final broadcast as newsreaders of SBS World News, Lin Chin farewelled fans by giving the people what they want: one more spectacular outfit.

While newsreaders on other channels stick to blazers and sensible tops, Chin's sartorial quirkiness has continually tickled viewers during her 30 years at the helm of the bulletin. And after announcing her resignation from the network last week, fans held their breath to see what outfit Chin would don during her spectacular farewell.

On Sunday, it was revealed on the SBS Twitter account Chin's wardrobe was being kept top secret.

And when it was time for the big reveal, Chin didn't disappoint. Of course.

It's impossible to describe perfection. But it was basically a black top with reams of transparent black vinyl wrapped around her body.

The fans went wild.

Chin announced she was leaving SBS on Thursday, having joined the broadcaster in 1980.

“Having spent the bulk of my professional life at SBS, this isn't by any means an easy decision,” Ms Chin told SBS in a statement about her .

“I shall be leaving a happy and satisfying role as a newsreader. My friends and colleagues for whom I have fervent respect will be deeply missed.”

Slamming rumours of retirement, Chin took to Twitter to set the record straight: “I have not retired, simply resigned. Retirement is death.”

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