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We're taking you inside Legoland California's brand new : a sea, interactive submarine adventure where you are surrounded by thousands of gallons of water and amazing fish.

Hop on board the latest ride at Legoland California! LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure is a submarine ride for kids of all ages that takes you on a journey through a deep sea adventure filled with treasure and all kinds of live sea creatures.

Passengers board a high tech submarine outfitted with giant portholes so you can see all of the fish swimming by. Kids use a touch screen to find hidden treasures along the route.

“Touchscreen technology is something really cool and it really goes with Legoland California's strategy all the way: interactive, immersive, engaging elements with the kids,” explained Julie Estrada, Head of Public Relations, North America for Merlin Entertainments, which owns Legoland.

We were there as crews were putting the finishing touches on the ride, which opens to the public on Monday, July 2. Passengers board a submarine, which is inside a 300,000-gallon water tank. They are surrounded by thousands of real sea animals, including sharks, stingrays and tropical fish.

The toughest part of designing the ride?

“Maintaining safety above all else for the live animals. That was probably the most important challenge we faced,” said Tom Storer, Senior Project Manager for the ride.

Large portholes on the subs give guests a glimpse at the amazing array of the creatures swimming by. They also help kids spot hidden treasures along the way.

“There are gems, there's lego built art, there are swords and all other kinds of cool stuff,” said Storer.

A virtual GPS system keeps the location of the sub in sync with what's on screen.

“As you approach and see a piece, you press it on the screen, and it gives you an indication of a reward,” said Storer.

After you exit the ride, you can even virtually build your own LEGO fish on another interactive touch screen and customize down to the color of the bricks. Once you're done, it is instantly added to an aquarium digitally projected on a big screen. Then, you can even buy the exact bricks you need to re-create your fish in real life.

“Guests will be surprised at how many creatures they don't really know about. There's a very educational aspect to the ride where you'll see things that you've never seen before,” concluded Estrada.

A similar deep sea adventure is one of the most popular rides at Legoland parks in the UK, Japan and Dubai. Kids will absolutely love seeing the brightly colored fish and dangerous looking sharks and rays (although they are harmless). They'll be talking about these creatures long after they exit the ride.

LEGO City Deep Sea Adventure Submarine Ride Opens July 2, 2018.

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