Microsoft smart fabric can detect the objects on it

The smart fabric Capacitivo, which is the result of the joint study of and researchers, can when an object is placed on it thanks to the developed algorithms. If you ask how this system will work in daily life, let's say you have a tablecloth made of smart fabric. It will notify you when you forget to remove your headphones.

Smart fabric can benefit in many areas

Researchers involved in the development of this fabric integrated the technology into the tablecloth in the first place. This algorithm can suggest a meal to the person sitting at the table, as well as offer a drink recommendation. Still, scientists say Capacitivo was designed to remind users of something. For example, it may remind you to remove your headphones before leaving the door, or to clean if you leave an empty dinner plate on the table.

The smart fabric is now able to identify food, different types of fruit, liquids and other objects that are often found around a home or in a workplace. Although it cannot identify metal, books or angular objects, this fabric is developed thanks to machine learning and special algorithms.

Although the smart tablecloth was produced for trial purposes at the first stage, it can be used in clothes and other areas in the future.

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