One-Of-A-Kind Ferrari SP30 Somehow Ended Up In Texas – And It’s Up For Grabs | Feature

You don't have to look hard to find a Ferrari on the second-hand market, replete as it is with used 488s, F12s, and other standard production models. But this is no standard production model.

What you're looking at is the Ferrari SP30. It's the only one of its kind ever made, and it's up for sale.

The SP30 was built by the Special Projects division in Maranello back in 2012 for Cheerag Arya, a petrochemical tycoon known for collecting Prancing Horses. Though it looks like a modified F12 Berlinetta or 812 Superfast, the SP30 predates both. It's actually based on the preceding 599 GTB Berlinetta – taking bits from the 599 GTO and track-bound 599XX and blending them with stylistic cues from the F12 that would debut shortly after the SP30 was commissioned.

Now half a decade since its completion, Ferrari's fifth “special project” is listed for sale in . Crave Luxury Auto (the dealership in The Woodlands north of Houston handling its sale) says its “paint is in excellent condition,” the “interior is virtually flawless,” and that “it is apparent that this car was garaged and meticulously-maintained.” As well it should, considering its unique status.

Just how it got to , we don't know, when its commissioning owner hails from India and lives in the United Arab Emirates. Considering it has only 64 miles (103 kilometers) on it – never mind the oceans separating the countries – we're sure it didn't drive there. But however it ended up in the Lone Star State, it's sure to command a rather princely sum – and hold its value as a truly one-of-a-kind creation.

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