Oppo Unveils Its Latest AR Glasses With AI Features

Joining the ranks of prominent tech innovators unveiling groundbreaking products at MWC 2024 is Oppo. The company unveiled its plans concerning artificial intelligence and introduced its prototype Air Glass 3 XR (extended reality) eyewear.

These innovative offer seamless access to Oppo's AndesGPT model through a smartphone interface, promising users an effortlessly integrated AI experience. Oppo's endeavor to redefine user interaction is evident as it seeks to alleviate the perceived burden of manual smartphone activation, epitomizing its commitment to user-centric innovation.

Weighing in at a mere 50 grams, the Air Glass 3 showcases a self-engineered resin waveguide boasting a refractive index of 1.70. With a peak eye brightness exceeding 1,000 nits, Oppo asserts that these specifications offer an experience akin to traditional glasses, coupled with the finest full-color display in its class.

Embedded within the eyewear is an AI voice assistant, leveraging the capabilities of AndesGPT. Additionally, it offers touch interaction functionality, allowing users to effortlessly manage music playback, handle voice calls, access information displays, and browse images.

Engineered with four precision-placed microphones, the device aims to enhance noise isolation, promising optimal audio clarity. Oppo further assures users of high-quality audio output, ensuring a premium auditory experience.

Oppo has also said that generative AI will be coming to its smartphones soon including the Reno 11 lineup as well as the Find N3 foldables. These features will include an AI Eraser that will be able to remove unwanted objects from an image.

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