Pix Mini lets kids play games on a smart backpack

Pix has kids playing and display drawings on the back of a backpack. It's the latest product from Pix, which earlier made a smart programmable backpack for adults.

The new backpack for kids is smaller, and it can connect to any iOS or Android smartphone device. Kids can program it to display drawings, animations, and puzzle games. Moreover, the backpack has some new safety features.

“We connect portability with the creativity,” said Pix CEO Margaret Rimek in a statement. “More importantly, through a mere backpack, we allow people to express their feelings and emotions.”

Main features and benefits of Pix include:

  • Drawing feature lets kids create their own pixel art and express their creativity
  • Playing puzzle games develops kids' logic thinking and cognitive abilities
  • Safety feature keeps children clearly visible on the road
  • Pix alarm enacts immediate notifications if the backpack is forgotten
  • Pix Library allows kids to choose from a set of cartoon characters
  • Find Pix Mini enables users to track the last location of Pix Mini

Pix Mini will be available on Kickstarter starting June 4 at the early bird price of $59.

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