Why Georgie got a letter from Harry and Meghan | Innovation Tech

GEORGIE Gardner has been left royally surprised after receiving a letter from newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

On Thursday, the Today host revealed to colleagues how the couple had written to thank her for giving them a wedding gift.

Gardner had given the couple a neoprene picnic blanket printed with an image of Cape Leveque.

Gardner, who was in Windsor covering Meghan and Harry’s wedding in May alongside Karl Stefanovic, explained how she asked royal commentator Dick Arbiter to get her present to the couple.

“We wrapped it up, Dickie said to me ‘You have my assurance, I’ll make sure it gets into Kensington Palace and gets to them,’ Gardner said.

“I sort of thought, ‘Oh probably not because they can’t accept gifts,’ but I’m surprised to say they got it, because yesterday I received a letter.”

In the letter, Meghan and Harry wrote that they were “incredibly touched” by Gardner’s gift and apologised for taking so long to write a thank you.

Gardner said the letter would be going “straight to the pool room” and she hoped Harry and Meghan were using the picnic blanket.

“I am hoping that right now they are canoodling on Cape Leveque as we speak, in the grounds of Kensington Palace,” she said.

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