KANG ITS Kitchen Shears Stainless Steel – 2017 Latest Heavy Duty Scissors for Chicken, Fish, Meat and BBQ, A9006A (Green)

Price: $25.99

Package Quantity:1 | Color:Green
Multi-Tasking Kitchen Shears * New Creative Model
MISUNDER is excited to share this new Creative kitchen scissor model with you and would like to have you in their family of artful homemakers.
8 Kitchen Utensils in One Convenient Gadget Shears & Scissor. Fruit and Vegetable Peeler. Serrated Knife. Straight Knife. Fish Scaler and Cheese Grater. Bottle Opener. Screwdriver. Shell & Nutcracker.
This versatile kitchen utensil is dishwasher safe. Making kitchen chores easier, swiftly cutting through meats – the bone too, scaling fish, grating cheese, chopping seasonings and spices, opening bottles, prying open cans and more, peeling veggies and fruit, cutting lettuce, opening bags… the ideas go on and on.
Magnetic Storage Case Included. Keep shears easy to find, convenient for use and safely out of reach of little hands. Strong magnet attaches to your refrigerator.
100% 1 year Guarantee. Now, should you have any trouble with your kitchen shears or don¡¯t like them for any reason, contact them directly and they will happily refund your money or replace them.
Please keep out of reach of children.
Sharp blade, please use carefully.
Wipe the blade with a clean dry cloth after using
. To maintain the sharp edge of the blade, please do not cut the hard object.
Please store product in a cool, dry area away from flame, strong oxidizing agents and concentrated acid.
It’s time to make food preparation a lot easier!
Made of food safe 403 stainless steel, the kitchen shears is hygienic, high quality and corrosion resistant
Kitchen shears is of humanization and professional design, making food preparation much easier and faster.Magnetic Storage Case keeps shears easy to find, convenient for use and safely out of reach of little hands.
Multipurpose kitchen shears is ideal to be used cut cakes & butter, can opener, herb scissor, vegetable peeler, screw driver, bottle opener and nut cracker. It is widely used and applied
Easy to Clean and as a gift. Removable design for easy cleaning and drying. You just need to split the two blades when you clean the heavy duty shears
Supply 1 year warranty. Just contact us whenever you want. Orde now

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