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will be unveiling it's new 3E, empower, experience, empathy, Robotics at CES 2018, demonstrating a range of experimental technologies engineered to advance mobility and make people's lives better. Demonstrating a wide range of functions and designs, the advanced robotic concepts demonstrate Honda's vision for a society where Robotics and AI can assist humans in a variety of situations, such as disaster recovery, recreation and education, learning from human interaction to become more helpful and empathetic. The Honda press conference is scheduled for January 9, 2018 at 11.00 am (LVCC, North Hall -7923)

As part of the 3E Robotics Concept, Honda will reveal:

  • 3E-A18, a companion robotics concept that shows compassion to humans with a variety of facial expressions
  • 3E-B18, a chair-type mobility concept designed for casual use in indoor or outdoor spaces
  • 3E-C18, a small-sized electric mobility concept with multi-functional cargo space
  • 3E-D18, an autonomous off-road vehicle concept with AI designed to support people in a broad range of work activities

Global Innovator Showcase

Honda's Commitment to creating  transformative products through open innovation, Silicon Valley-based Honda Innovations will showcase new Honda Xcelerator partnerships with startups in the Global Innovator Showcase at CES. The Honda Xcelerator partners are:

  • BRAIQ which bridges the gap between human preferences and artificial intelligence to personalise the driving style of autonomous vehicles.
  • DeepMap which provides HD maps and real-time localisation as a service for autonomous vehicles.
  • DynaOptics which harnesses the power of free-form optics to bring superior situational awareness and safety to roads.
  • Tactual Labs which brings real-time human body pose sensing to every surface and voxel.
  • WayRay which is a Swiss developer of a holographic AR navigation system for advanced connected cars.

Last month Honda Innovations announced its expanded engagement of startup ecosystems in Japan, China, Detroit and Europe.

Robotics News, December 10

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