Is Hanson Robotics’ Sophia the Future of Robotics? Hopefully Not | Robotics

The personification of gimmicks, Hanson Robotics could set back the field of robotics in public perception by decades. Whilst well meaning and inspirational, Hanson Robotics may be hurting the cause of robotics in the long term. We have, in effect a not so sophisticated chatbot with human like skin.

Creepy and Eerie are some words which have been used to describe and this is down to individual perceptions, however Hanson Robotics is capitalising on the ignorance of those that are not aware of the true applications of the field of robotics.

From an entertainment perspective, Sophia fits the bill, similar to movies such as Ex-Machina, Hanson should possibly look at the entertainment aspects that robotics can provide but should leave applied robotics and AI to other companies that build based on needs and problems which exist in society.

, December 23

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