Taxify launches machine learning competition to optimize traffic in future cities | Tech News

Europe’s leading ridesharing platform Taxify and Robotex International 2018 are announcing an open machine learning competition focusing on solving problems for future cities. The contestants will need to build an intelligent fleet management algorithm for a fleet of self-driving cars.

The competition challenges teams to build an optimal dispatching system for a self-driving car fleet in Estonian capital Tallinn and optimizing it for highest total ride value, using synthetic data for Tallinn as input and various constraints to simulate a real environment. The team coming up with the best solution will receive an award of 4000€.

One of the challenges is to optimise the time spent between driving passengers and waiting for the next ride. It will require the participants to develop various dispatching, routing, rebalancing, depot planning and pooling algorithms.

The competition is open to everyone interested in machine learning, but will be especially exciting for experts and enthusiasts.


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