Can Zuckerberg be ousted from Facebook?

On May 30, Facebook shareholders will have to decide if they want to re-elect Mark Zuckerberg as the company’s CEO. Two activist groups are totally opposed to it and have started a campaign calling for him not to keep him on the management team.

Color of Change and Majority Action, an Internet civil rights group and a corporate accountability organization respectively, consider Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook design to be problematic. Among other things, they criticize him for being able to do what he wants with his 57.7% share. Color of Change also sees a problem in Facebook’s structure itself, explaining that “lasting change to address the misinformation, discrimination, violent movements and data breaches that put users, especially Black users, at risk cannot subject to the whims of a single person”.

Facebook is unlikely to make enough effort to address all the issues related to the social network. The FTC itself and the leaders may well acknowledge Mark Zuckerberg as responsible for the privacy fiasco, according to the New York Times, and US senators believe that a $5 million fine, as could be considered, would not be enough to hurt Facebook.

It is obvious that all other large companies will follow this story very closely in order to understand the limits of their power, and the consequences that their behavior can have.

Do you think Zuckerberg can be ousted from Facebook management?

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