Eyes on the road, motorists: New study shows alarming figures on distracted driving | Social News

A new study from Allstate Insurance reveals that more than 90 per cent of all Quebec motorists drive while distracted. About one-quarter use their phones while they drive — including for email and social media functions, the study shows.

There are new rules for cyclists, drivers in Quebec. Do you know what they are?

“I’m a big user of technology myself, but be aware if you’re distracted and driving, you may injure yourself and kill someone else,” said Denis Talbot, a spokesperson for Allstate. “You’re just fiddling around. You’re not watching the road.”

WATCH BELOW: A new survey reveals that 91 per cent of Quebec drivers engage in risky behavior while driving. Learn more about the results from Allstate Canada spokesperson Denis Talbot and Global’s Laura Casella.

What’s more, according to Montreal police, about one out of every three fatal collisions is caused by distracted driving, a figure that almost certainly led the province to dramatically increase texting-while-driving fines to exceed $300 recently.

The study also indicates about 34 per cent of the province’s drivers reach for far objects while behind the wheel, and about 23 per cent operate their GPS while they are driving.

One driver Global News spoke to, Howard Hoppenheim, said he’s seen the problem up close.

“I’ve seen a woman put on makeup with her car veering into another lane of a highway,” he said.

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