Facebook bans U.S. marketing firm for 300 fake pro-Trump accounts

Facebook pulled the network of accounts for inauthentic activity. The company linked the group to Rally Forge, a U.S. marketing , working for Turning Point USA and the Inclusive Conservation Group. Turning Point USA encourages young people to get involved in conservative causes.

Rally Forge is now banned from Facebook, as is their influence effort of 200 Facebook accounts, 55 and 76 Instagram accounts. The group also spent about $973,000 in Facebook ads.

Twitter also disclosed a group of information operations on Thursday, and said it removed 1,594 accounts from the service for “various violations of our platform manipulation policies.”

None of the five networks pulled by Twitter originated in the U.S. The largest group was 926 accounts from Thailand that were amplifying pro-government and pro-military content. Twitter said the network was one it could “reliably link to the Royal Thai Army.”

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