Facebook Gaming supports co-streaming for creator streaming experience

now supports co-streaming for all of its gaming video creators.

Based on community feedback, Facebook heard that co-streaming would greatly improve the creator streaming experience.

With co-streaming, creators can stream with one another concurrently, allowing viewers to navigate easily between the co-streams to watch from different perspectives. With co-streaming, the company aims to increase discoverability for creators, encourage collaboration between creators, and elevate the overall viewing experience for everyone.

Gaming creators can easily search and tag up to three other gaming creators directly from the Live Producer left rail when going live, the Live Producer Gaming Tab edit stream module, and the Stream Dashboard edit stream module.

Streamers will have the option to change this anytime during a broadcast by editing the stream details module. The co-streaming viewer experience will be enabled once the other creator tags a creator back, and the creator will see a confirmation green check icon next to their name.

Facebook has been steadily adding tools for streamers. Last May, the company launched monetization tools for creators who focus on video-on-demand. Of course, yesterday would have been a tough day to launch this, as Facebook had a rare outage that lasted for hours.

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