Facebook, Instagram, Twitter have a dark side. Here’s how to anonymously report abuse

Teenage Girl Being Bullied By Text Message

Social networks like , , Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok have the power to create connections among billions of people. But there's also a side rife with cyberbullying, hate speech or other abusive behavior that can have real-world consequences.

Young people who have been cyberbullied are twice as likely to commit self harm or attempt suicide, according to a 2018 study. One in three young people say they've been the target of cyberbullying, the study said.

Likewise, 73% of adults say they've witnessed online harassment and 40% reporting being the target themselves, according to the Pew Research Center, a situation that can cause depression, anxiety and insomnia. Online hate groups can use these social platforms to organize ways to bring violence and threats to people in the real world.

Facebook photos, posts and Messenger

You can report a photo or post, a group or a message in Facebook Messenger. You can also alert Facebook if someone threatens you.

Reporting a photo or post

  • If you see an inappropriate photo or post that goes against Facebook's Community Standards, click or tap on Give feedback on this post.
  • Select from the list of options, like nudity, violence, harassment and more. Tap or click Send.

Reporting a group

  • Select the group you want to report. Tap or click the More button.
  • Select Give Feedback or Report Group.
  • Choose from the list of options of what's wrong with the group. Tap or click Send.

Reporting a message in Messenger app

  • If someone is harassing you in secret conversation in Messenger, tap on their name at the top.
  • Tap Block > Block on Messenger. You can also block them on Facebook from here.
  • Go back and tap Something's Wrong.
  • Select from the list of options, like harassment, suicide or self-injury, hate speech and more. Tap Send Feedback. The Facebook Help Team will receive the messages once you send your report.

Twitter accounts and tweets

You can report a tweet or an entire account.

Reporting a tweet

  • Tap or click the down-facing arrow icon on the Tweet.
  • Click or tap Report Tweet, then select It's abusive or harmful.
  • Choose from the options of why it's abusive or harmful. Some options include it's disrespectful or offensive, targeted harassment and directs hate at a group.

Reporting someone's account

  • On the person's profile, click or tap the three stacked dots icon.
  • Tap or click Report and select Their Tweets are abusive or hateful or Their profile info and/or images include abusive or hateful content.
  • Select the reasons why the user is being abusive or hateful. Some options are engaging in targeted harassment, threatening violence, encouraging suicide.

You can also report a Twitter user. Learn more about when you should report a tweet or profile.

Instagram posts, profiles, comments and messages

Reporting a post, profile or story

Posts, profiles, stories, comments and messages are all potential areas for online .

  • On the post or profile, tap the three dots icon.
  • Tap Report then tap It's inappropriate and select a reason.

Reporting a comment

  • Tap the message bubble icon.
  • Swipe left over the inappropriate comment and tap the ! in the message bubble.
  • A message will appear asking why you're reporting the comment. Tap Abusive Content.
  • Select a reason why it's abusive. Some options are nudity, hate speech, violence and bullying.

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