Facebook Messenger now lets users upload HD photos

Meta's Facebook Messenger received an important update this week with a great addition for its . From now on, users can upload , as well as other larger files. Read on as we detail what's new in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger now supports HD photos

According to Meta, Facebook Messenger now has the option to upload HD photos when sending an image to someone else. The feature works just like the one Meta already implemented for WhatsApp users last year, with a button to send the image in its full resolution. You can send either a single or multiple HD images.

There's still some compression when sending HD photos, but the images will look much crisper than before.

Another new feature coming to Facebook Messenger is the option to create shared albums with friends. “From chats about a recent spring break trip, to your grandma's 80th birthday celebration, you can now create albums of photos and videos to share, organize and reminisce over the best memories and moments,” said Meta in a blog post.

Everyone in that chat can view, add, delete, and download photos and videos from the shared album.

Another good news is that Messenger now supports files of up to 100MB, so users don't have to rely on other platforms to share large documents. Meta is also adding a QR Code to the user's profile to make it easier to contact another Messenger account.

Facebook Messenger is available for free on the App Store. Make sure you download the latest version of the app to get access to all the new features.

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