Facebook begins testing new ‘Neighborhoods’ feature

today announced a new tool to connect local communities on its platform. Facebook Neighborhoods are a “dedicated space designed to help you connect with your neighbors, participate in your local community, and discover new places nearby.”

Facebook Neighborhoods is a section of the Facebook app dedicated to your neighborhood, with a Neighborhoods profile that’s different from your main Facebook profile. To join, you’ll need to be 18 years or older and confirm your neighborhood. You can choose to join just your own neighborhood, or in addition, you also have the option to join your Nearby Neighborhoods to see neighbors and posts from your surrounding neighborhoods.

When creating a Neighborhoods profile, the user can choose to add their interests, favorite places, and a bio so people can get to know them within the Neighborhoods Directory.

Facebook will also let users find “vibrant local groups about your area,” or create their own “Neighborhoods-bounded groups based on their interests.”

This feature will also help people discover new places and get local recommendations such as the best coffee or a locksmith in the area. With the Neighborhoods Favorite Polls, neighbors can vote on their favorite places and business in the area, including restaurants, parks, and more.

If you don’t want to see posts from someone in Neighborhoods, it’s possible to block the user without Facebook informing them. The social network also clarifies this feature in an “opt-in experience.”

Neighborhoods is an opt-in experience within the Facebook app so you choose whether to join Neighborhoods and create a profile. Once you join Neighborhoods, you can decide whether to join just your neighborhood or also your Nearby Neighborhoods.

This feature comes only a few days after Facebook apps started to show alerts about users on iOS 14.5 and begged for them to allow its apps to track your data. Facebook Neighborhoods is now available in Canada and will begin to roll out to select US cities soon.

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