Facebook Launch Portal Go and Portal+ Video Calling Devices

on Tuesday announced two new additions to the family of video calling devices: the 10 inch portable Go and +, including its first portable version.

Facebook Portal video calling devices

Portal Go

Portal Go brings the best of Portal Smart Camera video calling to a new, portable version. It’s designed to let conversations move from room to room, with an integrated handle and long-lasting battery to make portability easier. Portal Go includes a 12MP camera with an ultrawide field of view for immersive video calls. And it doubles as a portable speaker with room-filling sound to listen to your favorite music throughout your home.

Portal Plus+

Facebook Portal+ video calling devices

Portal+ also features a 12MP Smart Camera with an ultrawide field of view. Its stereo speakers deliver high-fidelity sound for crystal-clear audio. With the rise of remote and hybrid work models, Portal makes a perfect dedicated screen for work calls, freeing up your computer to take notes, view a presentation or multitask. And it’s also great for connecting with family and friends when the work day is over.

Portal for Business

Facebook also introducing Portal for Business, a new service for SMBs to leverage Portal’s video calling and collaboration tools by easily deploying and managing Portal devices. With Portal for Business, SMBs will be able to create and manage Facebook Work Accounts for their teams. This is a new account type on Portal and will be available for many Facebook work products over the coming year.

Facebook also said it would start adding support for Microsoft Teams in Portal in December.

The company reported US$497 million in non-advertising revenue in the second quarter of 2021, which it attributed mainly to sales of its Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headsets. Facebook last month launched a test of a VR remote work app where Quest 2 users can hold meetings as avatar versions of themselves.

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