Facebook Publishes Gaming Behaviors and Opportunities

The sector is expanding fast, and is very keen to tap into that growth with gamer-related product offerings and tools, aligned with the expansion of the new eSports shift.

Over the last few years, Facebook has rolled out a slew of game-related tools and products, including live-stream tipping for gamers, and the capacity to stream via desktop overlayed on gameplay footage. Facebook also launched its Gaming Creator Platform last year, which takes aim at the dominance of YouTube and Twitch, providing new tools to help gaming broadcasters build their followings on The Social Network.

It has a long way to go to catch up with the two leading gaming platforms, but given the rising popularity, and potential ad value, of game streaming, it makes sense for Facebook to use its scale as a carrot to draw in more game-related content.

And this week, Facebook has released a new set of insights from a recent survey it conducted into emerging cultural shifts in gaming – which, not coincidentally, highlight the rising importance of the social elements in gaming engagement.

The insights provide some new consideration for those looking to launch promotions in the gaming sector – you can read Facebook's full “Understanding the Quest for New Console Gaming Content” report here, or check out the infographic, which highlights the key elements, below.


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