How Facebook tracks when you turn off location tracking

A new report has found that even if users off location on Facebook, the firm will still use their IP address, as well as other information like check-ins and the city listed on their profile to know where they are and generated targeted ads.

This experienced was recounted by an assistant professor at the University of Southern California, Aleksandra Korolova who examined how Facebook a user's location.

According to him, when it comes to one of the most privacy-sensitive types of data, location, Facebook does not provide meaningful controls and is misleading in its statements to users and advertisers.

‘…Taken together, Facebook creates an illusion of control rather than gives actual control over location-related ad targeting, which can lead to real harms.'

Korolova turned off location on Facebook, doesn't check into places and doesn't list a city on her profile, yet she continued to see location-specific ads on Facebook.

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