Instagram adds new feature “See shared activity”

has a splendid set of features and abilities that won't keep its users away from the platform even though they think it's not over yet, but scrolling through the feeds would eventually stop a notification even that also contingent upon the time the users fixes to make it more convincing in the first place.

‘Instagram never blocks to bombshell the users with its luxurious features that make the platform more convenient in a single way or another. Recently, Instagram is allegedly been working on a new part which is yet to be revealed by the official announcement despite being unveiled few information.

Now, the tipster revealed a new feature that Instagram is working on with a screenshot attached to his tweet. As far as we discovered, the Meta owned video sharing app Instagram has been working on a feature named “See Activity,” which predominantly focuses on users' activity according to choices; your friends can now have the option to see what you have been sharing with your friends in your privacy settings.

As of now, we don't know how the See shared activity feature will work or how it will impact the platform's users need to hold back for some time to get to see the official announcement of the feature. But, as the tipster has already received the quality, the ability could be around the corner to roll out for all the users.

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