Meta Launches New Engaged View Attribution Option for Video Ads

has announced a new video ad performance measurement, which will take into account delayed response actions, like visiting a website in a follow-up session, as opposed to tapping through on an ad direct.

Called “Engaged ”, Meta says that the will enable advertisers to measure for conversions that occur within one day of a video ad play, so long as they've viewed at least 10 seconds (or 97%) of a video ad.
Meta engaged viewAs explained by Meta:

For example, Sharon sees a video ad for an on-demand yoga class in Instagram Stories. She played the ad for more than 10 seconds instead of skipping to the next content. The next day she remembers the video and signs up for the on-demand yoga class. In this scenario, Sharon signing up for the yoga class the next day would be attributed to the campaign as an engaged- conversion in the measurement reporting to help you as part of your analysis to determine how to optimize your video ad campaigns.”

So it is dependent on your attribution and tracking settings, but conceptually, the option will provide more in-depth response reporting, which will then enable you to better understand conversion activity based on your video ad campaigns.

Meta's been working to improve its conversion tracking, particularly for video ads, as more users consume more video content in-stream. The more data that Meta can provide, the better it can connect the dots between ad spend and results, though Apple's iOS tracking changes have impacted its capacity in this regard.

But where possible, Meta's seeking to provide more insight, with Engaged View being another element in your toolkit to help keep better tabs on ad performance.

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