Meta announced NFT subscription features on Instagram and Facebook Stars

Meta on Wednesday announced new coming soon to Facebook and that will enhance the experience for creators using both platforms. This includes updates on NFT, Instagram subscriptions, and Facebook Stars. The news comes as the company holds its Creator Week conference with in-person events around the world.

NFT and Instagram subscriptions

Earlier this year, Meta introduced support for NFT on Instagram, so that users could show their non-fungible tokens. Coming with this update, creators will be able to create their own digital collectibles and sell them directly to fans on Instagram. This also means that users will be able to support creators by buying their unique NFTs.

The company has also been working on adding support for digital video collectibles to Instagram, as well as expanding support for more blockchains and wallets, such as Solana and Phantom.

Meta is also expanding access to paid Instagram subscriptions for all creators in the United States. With subscriptions, creators can monetize their content by providing exclusive rewards to those who pay. Also as a new way to help creators monetize their content, Meta will soon let users send “gifts” on Reels.

Facebook Stars and Professional Mode

As for Facebook, the company is expanding access to Stars, which are virtual items that users can buy to support creators during livestreams. The Stars feature will soon be available for other content such as regular video, photos, and even text posts.

According to Meta, the “Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles” will be made available globally to everyone who wants to become a creator.

Meta's Creator Week runs through November 7 with events aimed at creators. In addition to online conferences, there are also in-person events in Los Angeles, London, Bali, São Paulo, and Delhi. More details can be found on Meta's website.

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