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Facebook is on a crusade to end the aimless scrolling and drive real interaction — and it just added seven new staff members and new video technology to that battle cry. On Monday, August 13, Facebook shared that the company has acquired technology to create onscreen graphics for video with Vidpresso. The network now has the company’s employees and technology (though does not own the actual company).

Vidpresso says the move will bring the high-end broadcast tools used by the likes of Buzzfeed and NBC to a broader audience. While Facebook hasn’t said just what the buy means, the implication is that users will probably soon have some more interactive tools for video. Vidpresso software allows for adding comments, polling and other interactive content from the viewers to live video.

“By joining Facebook we’ll be able to offer our tools to a much broader audience than just our A-list publishing partners,” Vidpresso’s website now reads. “Eventually, it’ll allow us to put these tools in the hands of creators, so they can focus on their content, and have it look great, without spending lots of time or money to do so.”

Live video has long been a focus for Facebook with the format’s growing engagement. Mix that with Facebook’s 2018 mission to make time on the platform time well spent and it’s easy to see why Facebook was interested in Vidpresso’s technology, mixing both live video and increased user interaction. The move could also help the network compete with platforms like Twitch, Periscope, and YouTube.

Facebook’s push for live video and more interaction has already led to the launch of Watch Party, which allows users to watch videos together online, designed to allow viewers to tune in to the same spot in the video for discussion. Earlier this summer, Facebook launched interactive game show tools with Live video for select publishers, aiming to create more interaction with viewers by having them participate in a trivia game. Last year, Facebook also added the option to share their screen live without a third-party plug-in. Even Stories are getting more interactive.

Vidpresso says it will continue focusing on interactive streams for Facebook Live, along with continuing to provide advanced tools to broadcasters and creatives. While Facebook hasn’t shared just what features the agreement may bring, the company confirmed the agreement this week. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

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