Snapchat for iOS adds ‘Places’ feature on Snap Map location-sharing

Starting today, for iOS is rolling out a new feature that builds on its popular Map location-sharing platform. The company says the new “My Places” feature will allow users to explore and save their favorite businesses and locations in the Snapchat application.

Snapchat says that in the “My Places Tray” on the Map, users will see three dedicated tabs: Popular, Favorites, and Visited. Each of these tabs will allow users to save and discover places around them to visit.

  • Visited aggregates the places you’ve “Checked Into” by tagging them in a
  • Favorites helps you save spots you’ve enjoyed or mark places you have yet to try with a heart
  • Popular curates recommendations based on where you are, what you’ve tagged in the past, and which locations you’ve added to your Favorites — all while anonymously factoring in the preferences of your friends and the Snapchat community around you

Snapchat hopes that the “Popular” tab in particular will give users a new way to discover places to visit. The Snap Map is currently used by more than 250 million users every month, according to the company, and it can harness that data to anonymously influence recommendations for the new “My Places” feature.

Snapchat has also shared some interesting data on user habits, including that those who use the app are outpacing non-users in “post-pandemic” activities: eating at restaurants (45% v. 41%), shopping in-person (40% v. 29%), going to see movies and plays (37% v. 25%), and going to major events overall (35% v. 27%).

The new “My Places” feature is accessible in the Snapchat app by swiping to the Snap Map and looking for the new “Places” button at the bottom of the interface. The feature is rolling out starting today, and you can download the latest version of the Snapchat application on the App Store.

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