Snapchat testing a new feature called Cameo for add your face on videos

Snapchat seems to be testing a new feature inside its app.

The new feature called Cameo, and spotted by French users of the app, lets you use your selfies to replace faces of people in videos and which you can share with your friends.

At first glance, the Cameo feature sounds quite similar to the Chinese app Zao, which let you overlay your face on faces of actors. This had led to a lot of controversy. The examples of the Cameo feature seen so far include GIFs, so it may not really be a ‘deepfakes’ type feature inside Snapchat after all. Cameo appears to be a fun way to communicate with your friends. Since Snapchat has a predecided set of GIFs which are eligible to be used for Cameo, any misuse of this technology sounds like a far-fetched idea at this time at least.

Speaking to TechNews, Snap Inc had this to say when asked about the feature: “Cameos aren’t ready to take the stage yet, but stay tuned for their global debut soon!”

No other app currently offers this feature, where you can paste your photo over that of a person inside a GIF. This could be used as a Bitmoji replacement for those who are not too fond of avatars.

It could certainly give Snapchat an edge over other apps. That’s till Facebook and Instagram decide to copy this feature for its apps. Instagram was notorious for stealing many ideas from Snapchat, Facebook’s way to keep away the competition. In all regards, Instagram Stories has been a success and stemmed the growth of Snapchat.

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There is no clarity when Cameo will be rolling out for all Snapchat users.

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