Spring Clean Your IG Feed With a New Mute Button


A long-awaited Instagram update will be rolling out “over the coming weeks,” a mute button. The news comes just days after it was confirmed Instagram will be rolling out “Usage Insights” feature that will show how long you spend in the app.

With the mute feature, users will have the option to remove someone’s posts, or both their posts and their , from appearing on their Insta feed. Even though they’re “muted,” however, they’ll still have access to that person’s profile. The person won’t be notified that you muted them, and users will have the option to unmute someone at any time.

Anyone you mute can still DM you as well as tag you in their stories, photos, or comments made on other content outside of your profile, according to BuzzFeed.

So, what exactly is the process for muting someone?

As depicted in the above screenshot, simply tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, opposite of the person’s account handle. Next, choose “Mute Posts.” This will then trigger another pop up asking if you’d like to mute the person’s posts, or both their posts and Stories.

“You can also mute posts and stories by pressing and holding on a story in your tray, or from a profile,” stated Instagram in an official blog announcement. This process is similar but includes the additional option of just muting the only person’s stories, as opposed to just their posts or both. In short, you have all your options covered.

In case you/ve lost track as to which platforms have similar options on their platforms, Facebook allows users to either “unfollow” a person, while still remaining friends, or opt to “hide a post” signaling they’d like to see less of a given type of content. Further, last September Facebook announced a snooze feature allowing you to take a break from brands and people for up to 30 days.

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In the Snapchat world, you can “snooze” notifications for individual and group chats by hitting “Do Not Disturb.” In this mode, you won’t get notified every time someone shares something, but can check any unread messages or Snaps on your own watch.

Finally, on Twitter, you can mute someone through one of their tweets by clicking on the “v” button in the top-right corner of the user’s tweet, and select “Mute @[insert username].” To mute someone from their Twitter profile, tap the gear icon on their Twitter profile. For Android users, use the three vertical dots button instead.

Speaking of Twitter, here’s a roundup of a few reactions to the news:

If this wasn’t enough excitement for you, Instagram also confirmed a feature to Tech that tells you when “you’re all caught up” with your feed. Check it out below.

Image via TechCrunch

As two of the aforementioned Twitter reactions underscored, algorithmic as opposed to chronological feeds fuel a constant need to keep scrolling to ensure nothing was missed. Enter the phrase that’s part of all of our social lexicon now: FOMO.

Combined, all of these efforts would seemingly reduce the amount of time spent on the platform. Once again, it’s the tradeoff between keeping users on the platform so they’re exposed to more ads and their well-being. The overarching initiative, in other words, is shorter bouts of meaningful versus longer, less-responsible, meaningless that ultimately causes disfavor.

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“We’re aiming to make feed the best place to share and connect with the people and interests you care about,” said Instagram.

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