Twitter working on edge-to-edge layout for photos on timeline

Twitter has been investing in multiple changes and new features recently, and there's more to come. Now the company is working a new edge-to-edge layout for viewing and videos on the , just like other social networks like Instagram do. At the same time, the company is finally asking users what they think about an option to edit .

The new layout was revealed by researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who is well known for showing upcoming features of Twitter and other apps. As shown by Wong, the new layout is similar to apps like Instagram, in which photos and videos fill the entire horizontal area of the screen.

Earlier this year, Twitter released a new feature to let users upload high-quality media in up to 4K resolution. The company also made some adjustments so that images are now shown in the at their full size, so it's no surprise that Twitter wants to further enhance the experience of viewing photos and videos in its app.

It's unclear when this new layout will be available to users, but interestingly even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded to Wong's tweet by saying that the edge-to-edge photos are “much better.”

Another new feature that might be coming to Twitter is the ability to edit tweets. This is a long-awaited feature by users, but Twitter has never had any interest in implementing it — at least until now. Twitter product leader Kayvon Beykpour shared today a poll on his personal profile asking how users feel about having the option to edit already published tweets.

The feature, however, could be restricted to Twitter Blue subscribers, which is a new subscription service that unlock some extra features on the social network. Beykpour also suggests that, if available, this option would only be available “within a few minutes” after posting a tweet.

While the company works on new features, Twitter also announced earlier this week that the “Fleets” feature will be permanently discontinued. With Fleets, can post photos, videos, and other content that is only available for 24 hours, just like Instagram Stories. This feature, however, doesn't seem to have been very successful among Twitter users.

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