Twitter reportedly plans to enable Edit Tweet this week

Since Elon Musk purchased , it’s not always clear if the social media app is moving in the right direction, but things do appear to be moving swiftly nonetheless. At least that’s how it would seem if the latest report about Twitter’s Tweet feature proves to be true.

On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that Twitter apparently has plans to roll out its Edit Tweet feature to all users on Twitter (for free) as early as this week. The Edit Tweet feature allows users to edit a after it has already been published.

So far, the ability to edit tweets has been limited to an initial small testing group with a recent expansion to Twitter Blue subscribers. This means as of now, Edit Tweet is behind a Twitter Blue subscription paywall. But if Bloomberg’s reporting proves to be true, that would mean non-Twitter Blue subscribers would finally be able to edit their tweets.

Twitter Blue is also undergoing a few changes as well, at least according to Musk’s own tweets. At first Twitter Blue only cost around $3 per month and then it recently had its price increased to $5 per month. And now, as the bird app’s new owner, Musk has recently tweeted that he plans to increase the subscription price of Twitter Blue yet again, to $8 per month. His tweets also noted a few changes that he plans to make to the subscription’s perks as well, including adding the following perks to it: verification (the blue check mark), fewer ads, and the “Ability to post long video & audio.”

Twitter’s current lords & peasants system for who has or doesn’t have a blue checkmark is bullshit.

Power to the people! Blue for $8/month.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 1, 2022

Notably, Bloomberg’s report also mentioned that the new Twitter Blue (that will cost $8 per month) is expected to be available as soon as Monday and that those who already have a verification badge will be given a “multi-month grace period” after which they will be required to pay for verification or lose their blue check.

Non-Twitter Blue users will probably be pleased to have access to editing this week if they do get it. But it does seem to be an odd move for Musk considering his recent proposed changes to the app have seemed to mostly be about increasing revenue for it (such as increasing the monthly subscription price for Twitter Blue and charging for verification badges). Letting people edit tweets for free doesn’t really align with those other moves. But since there has been considerable backlash against his moves to charge for verification, it is possible that offering tweet editing could be a small concession to the platform’s non-Blue users.

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