Twitter chooses Strike for new bitcoin tips feature

Strike will help users receive tips in from users with crypto wallets and boost payments on the social media platform.

Twitter is now rolling out its tipping feature to all users globally and for the first time includes the option to pay in bitcoin.

To help facilitate bitcoin payments through the app, Twitter has chosen Strike – a payments app built on the bitcoin lighting network that allows for free and instant crypto payments globally.

Announced in May as Tip Jar and now renamed Tips, the feature is extending from a select group of users – including creators, journalists, experts and nonprofits – to all Twitter users on the iOS app. Android users will be able to use the feature in the coming weeks.

The move is an attempt to boost the social media giant's plans to help people make money on the platform.

“Whether you want to tip your favourite account because you adore their commentary, send some love to an emerging comedy creator for their hilarious Tweets, help a small business owner through a difficult time, give to an important cause – whatever you want to support (and we know you already have some ideas), Tips is here to help you do it,” wrote staff product manager Esther Crawford in a company blog.

Services for cash payments currently available through the app include Bandcamp, Cash App, Chipper, Patreon, Razorpay, Wealthsimple Cash and Venmo. Crawford also announced the addition of funding platform GoFundMe and Brazillian payment app PicPay to the list.

“Once you tap the service you want to use, you'll be taken off Twitter to the selected app to send funds. Twitter takes no cut,” she said.

Twitter is also reportedly experimenting with a feature that allows users to authenticate and display their NFT digital assets on their profiles to support digital art creators.

“We want everyone on Twitter to have access to pathways to get paid. Digital currencies that encourage more people to participate in the economy and help people send each other money across borders and with as little friction as possible – help us get there,” Crawford added.

While the general cash payments feature is open to users globally, the bitcoin payments feature is currently only available to users in the El Salvador and the US. Users who want to receive crypto payments must be in the eligible countries and have a Strike account.

However, people sending money can use any bitcoin lightning wallet to send tips to someone's Strike account.

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