Twitter Roll Out New Verified Badge Design for Verified Accounts

In the wake of Elon Musks permute of the platform's authentication method, the official in the forum are being identified with several badges, including Blue, Gold, and Grey badges.

All three badges evince different sectors. On the charabanc, the Grey badge refers to a Government sector, and the Blue verified follows the same as “Blue verified.”

At the same time, the Gold badge refers to business account holders. After Musk's arrival, the revised edition was held aloft above the island. The Blue verified badge is now being shown in several .

Among them, some reports seem to be handled by ditzy individuals who tweet randomly without any plausible source deeming reveals or leaks. While the Gold badges are being shown in handles with business backgrounds, the gold badge is quite revered and flooded across the platform, and we don't appease the Grey badge, which identifies Government accounts.

But now, a reformed version of the badges is coming to the venue. The badge looks the same, but the pattern and texture of it have gone through a drill to pass muster among the kin and kith of Twitter.

A well-known tipster, Alessandro Paluzzi, shared a message explaining the new badges for verified accounts. These badges travel through different routes to become more degree to be more distinguishable. The shape of the badges is now revamped with different colors and styles.

There is no information about the exact date of the feature update.

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