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has carved out a niche involving more than just ads for monetizing video — and now the video platform has another tool inside its arsenal. On Wednesday, September 5, Vimeo launched Vimeo , a royalty-free marketplace for stock video. But Vimeo says it wants to do more than offer creatives another monetization tool and make quality stock easier to find — the company wants to redefine what stock footage looks like.

Vimeo says its working to redefine stock video by launching with a group of creatives known for storytelling, not stock. The launch includes filmmakers that haven't yet made their work available as royalty-free stock. including Raphael Rogers and Armand Dijcks. The creators also include animator Hannah Jacobs and production company Eyeforce. The company says a majority of the creatives that are part of the launch are new to stock and exclusive to the new platform.

Vimeo says contributors will keep between 60 and 70 percent of the revenue from each purchase on the new platform. The company compares the rates to a 35-percent industry average.

“Vimeo Stock is the next evolution of our commitment to empower creators to tell exceptional stories,” Anjali Sud, Vimeo's CEO, said in a press release. “We heard resoundingly from creative professionals, brands and agencies alike that existing stock offerings were not getting the job done. Our goal is to set a new standard for creative footage, put more money in contributors' pockets, and reduce friction to put better videos out in the world. We see a future where stand-alone stock marketplaces no longer need to exist.”

The platform features a curated collection mixing currently available clips with new content. Besides videographers, the launch includes options from motion graphic artists, technologists, and other innovators in the video space, according to Vimeo.

As part of Vimeo, the company says the new stock platform is easier to integrate into existing workflows. Users that are already part of Vimeo's subscription plans get a 20-percent discount on the stock footage with the membership.

Vimeo is going big for the launch — Vimeo Stock is already now live in over 150 countries. Pricing starts at $79 for HD video and jumps up to $199 for 4K. Exclusive content is also available for between $299 and $499.

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