What new things we should expect in Social Media Marketing in 2021 and beyond?

To be successful in social media marketing, it is essential always to stay one step ahead and understand the latest trends on social media. Many of the trends we saw 12 months ago are well established, although that doesn’t mean everyone has adopted them as a daily practice!

Others have steady growth but have fallen short of expectations. What will social media trends be the biggest this year?

We have identified 9 top trends that should meet your 2021 goal.

2021 is the year of the voice strategy

Most people searching for information on the Internet still trust search engines, but the way people search for information online is changing.

Nowadays, many people are using voice searches on their smartphones, tablets, or voice assistants to search for some information on the Internet.

ComScore predicts that in 2021 50% of searches will be done using voice features, and most will be done without looking at a screen.

Just like marketers have optimized content for Web 2.0 and mobile devices, they must also begin optimizing content for voice search.

Mobile-friendly websites are essential

Without a mobile responsive website, not only will you lose a significant amount of organic search rankings, but Google prefers responsive websites over non-responsive ones.

According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile website that they have difficulty accessing, and 40% would visit a competitor’s website.

If you haven’t implemented a mobile strategy yet, make it an urgent priority for next year.

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More messaging applications are being developed

Did you know that many users use social messaging than social networks themselves, especially millennials?

Now, more people use the top four social messaging apps i.e., WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, and Viber than the other top four social media apps Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Facebook Messenger alone calls more than 1.2 billion people. Facebook claims that more than 2 billion messages are now sent between businesses and individuals every month.

As the use of social media messenger platforms increases, so will the potential to improve the customer experience.

By combining messaging platforms with artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, companies can have more relevant, personalized, and useful customer conversations on a larger scale.

Video content is preserved

Video has long passed the status of a hot new trend, but it is still a significant trend in social media marketing.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Video marketing can help you tell a story in a fun, educational, and inspiring way. If it’s not part of your strategy yet, start the video this year.

Stories will never stop to grow in popularity

Now here is the concept of stories more evident than on Instagram, where more than 400 million people use them every day. Stories are considered a kind of sequel to Snapchat’s “self-destruct” content and are no longer considered new. At this point, they are an Instagram staple.

Like Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories (user-generated slideshows and video collections) are short pieces of content (approximately 20 seconds) that were created on your smartphone and are available for up to 24 hours.

Niche marketing is worth exploring

Many people are fed up with massive content on large social networks. They are increasingly moving towards platforms that help eliminate noise and posts that do not affect them.

Niche networks offer you the opportunity to connect with a particular and engaged community. Once you are connected with your audience, you can get to know them – how they think and how they act – and develop a closer relationship with them.

Niche social networks are smaller and only serve those who want to be there. This means that instead of being a small fish in a large social pond, you can focus your communication more precisely. You don’t have to worry about using algorithms similar to Facebook to improve the ability to make your content visible to relevant audiences.

There are many niche social networks for passionate users connected by specific topics or locations. Whether you’re a movie buff, handyman, handyman, or baker, there’s a niche network for you.

Maintaining micro-influencers

In several recent years, social media influencers have become a significant trend. However, macro-influencers, with their millions of followers, come at a high price and are out of reach for many companies. Because of this, there are many micro-influencers (with smaller followers).

Choosing a micro-influencer – someone with lesser followers but a more engaged community – not only increases your chances of getting more engagement, but it also saves you money. Your budget can span multiple influencers at different heights and with varying audiences of niche, which is what makes social media connections so much more relevant today.

Now we market to Gen Z

Aged 13-22, Gen Z is the hyper-connected, high-opinion generation that turned to activism as the internet and social media landscape has made them deeply aware of and concerned about global events.

Social causes like LGBTQ issues, mental health, etc. are taking center stage more and more. Gen Z is to account for around 40% of all consumers by 2020.

Unlike all the generations before them, they grew up and expressed them online. Gen Z is now the generation of customers. Therefore, it is worth understanding how best to incorporate them into your marketing.


Social media is continuously changing. Every year, everything from algorithm updates to new trends shapes and informs the myriad of ways how we interact with each other online.

As you are planning your social media marketing for the year ahead, consider how you can implement some or all of these trends into your online strategy. But remember – there is no point jumping on the latest marketing trend without first having a strategy!

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