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Prosyscom.Tech regularly publishes guest posts from experts who can provide unique and useful perspectives to our readers on Technology News.

Benefits of writing a guest post for us:

  • Credit and acknowledgment of your expert knowledge
  • One automatic backlink to your blog/website
  • Exposure of your article on our website and some social media channels
  • Possibility of collaboration in future campaigns and other marketing activities

Content topics we are interested in being covered:

  • Digital Asia Tech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Innovation & future Tech
  • Virtual Reality
  • Robotics
  • Tech Industry
  • Computing
  • Apps News
  • Cyber Security
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Social Media
  • Tech Viral

Posting regulations & guidelines (please read before submitting):

  • We will only accept original and authentic content which has not been duplicated/scraped/copied from other blogs or websites.
  • The minimum word count for the guest post we will accept is 800 words.
  • We do not allow any affiliate, referral or spam links within the post.
  • The guest posts must follow basic SEO principles (we can supply a quick & simple content SEO guide upon request for your convenience).
  • If you decide to add any images/videos (highly recommended) to support the text, they must be free for commercial use and have accompanying links to the sources for us to refer to.
  • By submitting a guest post to, you give us copyright ownership of the content.
  • Free Guest post will have 1 or 2 links – either to the author’s website, Twitter handle, or his/her blog. author links with no-follow tag

Sponsored post

Successful sponsored contributions are comprehensive, data-driven, and interesting posts that teach something new and give value to our readers.

We look for a few things in everything piece we publish:

  • Be well-written and original.
  • Have a logical structure and flow.
  • Use subheadings and bullets/lists, where appropriate, to make it easy for the reader.
  • Include a strong, compelling introduction and a conclusion that wraps up the article or provides a call to action.
  • Attribute all data, quotes, and referenced content by hyperlinking to the original source.
  • Be between 800 and 1,500 words;
  • Avoid promotional information. Your company can be an example, but it should be used as the basis for sharing knowledge.
  • Submit your sponsored article via email on
  • Payment will be accepted via PAYPAL on ( within 24 hours after article has been published)
  • We accept all kind of Tech or Product content. *Exclude Pornography content is Prohibited.

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