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6ixlab is launching its service after alpha test in 2016 and beta launch at the end of 2017.

6ixlab, a network service, has completely different characteristics from other social network . The managing director, Shin Joo-young stated, “About 80% of SNS users all around the world are experiencing SNS fatigue due to an overwhelming amount of information and advertisements and facing social problems due to fake news and invasion of privacy. 6ixlab can solve these problems by limiting the number of friends, while letting users widen their circles via sharing networks with their friends. This suggests a new paradigm to SNS.”

6ixlab, unlike other social networking services, only allows users to send friend requests to those who are in their contact list, thereby limiting them to build networks among their ‘real' friends. Also, each user is only allowed to have 30 friends at most.

Instead, users are allowed to view the activity of others within sixth acquaintance links apart. Also, they can search up acquaintances within the six links with keywords and request a “Grab,” a way to introduce themselves and share contact information.

In addition, when the user shares content, the user can also select specific people to show the content. Through such filtering, users can organize their newsfeed based on their interest and importance.

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