AltspaceVR releases new lobby, game shows, and community leader program | Tech News

The social virtual reality platform AltspaceVR has released a new lobby, game shows, and a community leaders program. The new space is called Origin, an environment designed to bring visitors together.

Origin is a mysterious space that serves as “the vortex of all connections” where you can come meet real people in VR and have conversations, the company said.

AltspaceVR is attempting to revive its following after running out of money, unexpectedly shutting down, and then getting acquired by Microsoft.

AltspaceVR said it will unveil its new improvements every month at the Town Hall location within the platform.

Katie Kelly, head of engagement at AltspaceVR, said in a statement the community leaders program will make it easier for users to get questions answered.

“We’re deputizing the folks in our community who time and time again stand out as community leaders. Look for the badge with a lightning bolt if you are looking for a friendly person in AltspaceVR,” said Kelly.

AltspaceVR will also create new game shows for players. One of them is called Tongue-Tied, where you try to get the “right word from your brain to your lips.” Players compete to be the best at naming six items in a category in six seconds.

Another game show, riffing now doubt on the popularity of the mobile game HQ Trivia, is Trivia. You’ll have to beat your friends to answer questions with an audience full of people.

Meanwhile, in other news, Microsoft confirmed once again that it will not have VR on the Xbox One game console. In a statement, Microsoft said, “Because of the opportunity with Windows Mixed Reality, and because we believe the user experience will be best on PC right now, that is where our focus is. We have nothing to share about MR for console at this time.”

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